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Loan Application

The following schedule outlines the basic procedure Mid America Land Services, Inc. (MALS) uses when processing a loan application.PRELIMINARY LOAN APPLICATION

  1. ) Borrower completes the MALS preliminary loan application and returns it with supporting documents.
  2. ) MALS desk reviews materials to determine applicant’s eligibility for a loan:
    1. ) If a favorable decision is forthcoming, then a formal loan application process will begin.
    2. ) If an unfavorable decision is rendered, then the applicant is told why he/she did not meet the lender’s requirements and all materials are returned to the applicant. NO FEE IS CHARGED FOR ABOVE SERVICES
  3. ) At the time of the formal loan application:
    1. ) Formal loan application to the lender is completed,
    2. ) Loan origination and appraisal agreement with MALS is completed,
    3. ) Inspection time is scheduled to inspect the farm property offered as security for appraisal purposes.
  4. ) Typical costs incurred by borrower:
    1. ) 1% of loan for origination fee (depending on loan size and complexity),
    2. ) Appraisal fee (sometimes),
    3. ) Lienholder’s title policy,
    4. ) Filing fees,
    5. ) Loan document preparation fee



Total process normally takes 45 days from time preliminary application is received

1. Initial Contact
2. Mail out/receive preliminary loan application1 – 2 weeks (varies)
3. Review of preliminary loan application and mail decline letter or process formal application< 1 week
4. Review of formal application by Zions in Ames, IA – approved or rejected” 1 week (normally 2-3 working days)
5. Preliminary loan approval mailed subject to clear title and adequate appraised value of security2 – 3 weeks
6. Title work and appraisal completed2 – 3 weeks
7. Closing occurs once appraisal &. title work is completed and rate is locked In with letter instructing closing to be completed within 10
working days

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This preliminary information is intended to provided Mid America Land Services, Inc, with enough background to make a preliminary decision regarding the feasibility of your loan/lease request. This is not a formal application, and neither you nor Mid America Land Services, Inc. is under any obligation with respect to your financing request.


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